Semal converter is an ultimate upgrade for your guitar.

To keep up with the modern guitar sound processing technology development, many guitarists are looking for a way to connect their guitars to a computer. Our USB converter allows you to easily connect your existing guitar to a computer.

Semal converter
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Semal guitar it is musical studio

Semal Converter will give your guitar such capabilities that even some famous brands don’t have.

This converter can compete with expensive keyboard synthesizers, guitars with midi pickups and converters. Because it connects directly to the computer, it will be a USB guitar.

The converter can be installed on any guitar. You can get more information on how to connect the converter to a guitar in the manual.

Any guitar using our converter will sound like a real Semal guitar. Check out the video below.

Distinctive features of the modernized guitar:

  1. All 6 strings reproduce purest audio sound separately in each sequencer track (SNR: 115 dB).
  2. Playing in stereo, 5.1 modes, etc.
  3. No need for midi sensors, midi converters. The guitar itself sends midi notes to the computer's sequencer.
  4. Midi notes and audio strings can be played simultaneously on different tracks.
  5. The converter uses algorithms which improve and facilitate reproduction of Basses, Solo, overloads, etc.
  6. The converter has a mono audio output like an electric guitar. The guitar can be played through an Amp or iPad.
Price $ 250
Delivered equipment
  1. Semal Converter
  2. Tailpiece
  3. 6.5 mm audio adapter
  4. USB cable
  5. Manual
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The guitar is made by LLC Semal. Russian Federation.

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