Semal guitar - is a midi guitar of the new generation

Semal midi guitar plays the purest electric guitar stereo sound both in “clean” and “overdrive” style. It can also reproduce the sound of other musical instruments in the Midi mode.

It has multiple features combined into one device:

  • Stereo electric guitar
  • Midi guitar
  • USB guitar
  • Midi controller

Semal guitar is a next gen musical instrument that allows guitarists to play and explore things that seemed not real so far. This midi guitar is manufactured using carbon material.

Semal guitar
Semal guitar it is musical studio

Semal guitar is not just a guitar, it is the entire musical studio.

This midi guitar can do anything a musician may wish during his creative work.

This new generation musical instrument can be used not only by an amateur guitarist, but also by a professional of any level.

Using the Semal guitar it is possible to play and record the sounds of various musical instruments and use many other interesting features.

It is a six-channel guitar that can play as an electric or midi guitar or a midi controller.

Our midi guitar features the following functions:

  • One man orchestra
  • Bass line
  • Solo
  • Auto power-chord

Only one musician can perform live musical compositions, because other than just guitar sounds, it can play other musical instruments, a bass, a piano, a saxophone, drums, etc.

There is no need for the accompanying musicians and backing tracks.

A single musician can perform regular online concerts.

Semal guitar - midi controller
Connetion with Audio-Jack
The guitar can be connected as an ordinary electric guitar to a guitar combo or to any active acoustics using the regular adapter connected to an audio output.
Connetion with iphone
The guitar can also be connected to an iPhone or iPad.In this mode the instrument will be used as the audio FX processor having the correct app installed on the connected device. ?

It is possible to play via earphones or through a stereo the equipment. You can use the adapter included in the bundle. It is also possible to use iRig or iRig-ua.

Connetion with USB
The guitar can be connected to a computer via a regular USB cable. You can even immediately start to play in a “one man orchestra” right after loading your project.
Download the project
760.00 mm
Distance - 0 frets
Distance between strings 0 frets
8.0 mm
Distance - 24 frets
Distance between strings 24 frets
11.0 mm
Quantity frets
work area frets
Guitar weight
Guitar weight
1.5 kg
Price $ 500
Delivered equipment
  1. Semal Guitar
  2. 6.5 mm audio adapter
  3. USB cable
  4. Manual
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The guitar is made by LLC Semal. Russian Federation.

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